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Current Issue

Vol. 6 No. 3 (2022)

Published: 2022-05-06


Skin Cancer Screenings: Why Are the Benefits in Question?

Nicholas Brownstone, Darrell Rigel

Page 186-188

Clinical Management Recommendations

Integrating Genomic Testing for Melanoma Into Your Practice

Nicholas Brownstone, Danny Zakria, McKenzie Dirr, Yenn Lu, Darrell Rigel

Page 189-194

In-Depth Reviews

Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Down Syndrome: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Niyaz Mostafa, Kevin Phan, Tajrian Amin, Saxon Smith

Page 195-200


Original Research

Diagnostic Efficacy of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Versus Dermoscopy for Pigmented Skin Lesions: A Pilot Study

Shayan Owji, Joseph Han, Helen He, Isabel Lopera, Michael Tassavor, Nicholas Brownstone, Nicholas Gulati, Benjamin Ungar, Jonathan Ungar

Page 210-216

Research Letters


Brief Articles

A Case of Cutaneous Metastatic Tonsillar Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Female

Haley Danielle Heibel, Chris Bandel, Claire Reddick, Clay J. Cockerell

Page 234-237

Treatment-Resistant Pemphigoid Following SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination

Stefanie Altmann , Dominique Jacobs, Thomas Brown, Preetha Kamath, Karthik Krishnamurthy

Page 238-242

Polypoid Melanoma: Diagnostic Hardships Concerning A Rare Melanoma Variant

Aleia Boccardi, Joanna Trigg, Paloma Reiter, Dimitria Papadopoulos, Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg

Page 250-253

Short Communications

Compelling Comments

SKINmages: Clinical Images in Dermatology

Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicus

Nwanneoma Ngonadi, Claire Hannah, MD, Misha Rosenbach, MD

Page 267-268

Pustular Penile Pyoderma Gangrenosum: A Puzzling Clinical Presentation

Line Mezni, Elhadadi Farah, Ismaili Nadia

Page 269-271

Dermatologic History

2021 UCB® Resident Poster Competition

1st Place: Improving Dermatology Resident Billing

Michael Tassovar, Shayan Owji, Joseph Han, Cula Dautriche, Jonathan Unger

Page s32

2nd Place: Acne Vulgaris and the Facial Cutaneous Microbiome

Justin W. Marson, Paul Mouser, Stefano Berto, Hilary Baldwin

Page s33

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