New Bullous Eruptions in a COVID-19 Positive Patient in an Intensive Care Unit

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Angela Kim
Muneeb Khan
Ann Lin
Hongbei Wang
Louis Siegel
Suzanne Rozenberg


bullous pemphigoid, pauci-cellular, pauci-inflammatory, bullous, pemphigoid, viral, COVID-19, SARs-CoV-2, coronavirus


Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is an autoimmune blistering disorder that typically occurs in older adults. The etiopathogenesis of BP is unclear, although viral triggers have been reported. We present a case of new onset pauci-cellular BP in a patient admitted to Intensive Care Unit from an acute COVID-19 infection. Our case proposes to add the new coronavirus to the list of potential viral triggers of BP. Moreover, clinicians should be aware that the same at-risk population for autoimmune bullous diseases may also be at-risk for COVID-19 infection that is responsible for the current pandemic.


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