Maskne: A Potential Misnomer?

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Muneeb Ilyas
William Hund
Gabriella Vasile
Eduardo Weiss


Maskne, COVID 19, Coronavirus, perioral dermatitis, healthcare worker


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the global adoption of mask wearing to contain he rampant spread of the virus. Certain occupational groups, particularly health care providers, must wear masks for prolonged periods. Alongside this pandemic emerged the use of the all-encompassing term “Maskne”, used to describe mask-related dermatologic pathologies. Although there is an increase in acne and acneiform lesions associated with prolonged facial mask use, “Maskne” may be a misnomer, causing non-dermatologic providers to misdiagnose patients with acne when they, in fact, have perioral dermatitis.


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