Perioral Contact Dermatitis Caused by Limonene Hydroperoxide in Cannabis Vaping Products

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Kevin Mai
Quang D. Pham
Joseph Haquang
Diem Q. Pham DO


Limonene, Limonene Hydroperoxide, Cannabis, Marijuana, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Vaping


Limonene is a fragrant terpene commonly found in household and cosmetic products due to its fresh aroma. When exposed to air, limonene autoxidizes to form limonene hydroperoxide, a potent allergen that can cause allergic contact dermatitis. Recently, as the popularity and availability of limonene increased, it has been incorporated into novel products such as flavoring agents for electronic cigarettes or vapes. With the rising acceptance and popularity of marijuana, this usage has extended to cannabis vaping products. Here, we report an unusual presentation of an allergic contact dermatitis reaction to limonene hydroperoxide stemming from cannabis vaping products.


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