New Onset Generalized Pustular Psoriasis Rapidly Improved with IL-36 Blockade

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Meredith Burns
Timothy Orlowski
Hoang Ho-Pham
Carly Elston
Boni Elewski


Generalized pustular psoriasis, Interleukin-36 (IL-36) receptor antagonist, Spesolimab


Generalized pustular psoriasis is a relatively rare variant of psoriasis characterized by diffuse eruption of sterile pustules on an erythematous background. Untreated flares can result in life-threatening complications including sepsis and organ failure. Generalized pustular psoriasis has historically proven challenging to treat with an unpredictable clinical course and paucity of reliably efficacious treatment options. Until recently, there have been no FDA-approved therapies for generalized pustular psoriasis in the United States. In September 2022, the IL-36 receptor antagonist spesolimab became the first FDA-approved treatment for generalized pustular psoriasis in adults. We present a case of generalized pustular psoriasis with complete and rapid response to spesolimab.


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