Status Report on the Safety of Topical Dapsone Therapy for Dermatologic Disease

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Megan A Jones
Richard R Winkelmann
James Q Del Rosso


topical dapsone, aczone, acne treatment


     Systemic dapsone therapy has historically been used to treat leprosy, inflammatory dermatoses, and severe cases of acne vulgaris. This article reviews the pharmacokinetics, short and long-term safety, drug-drug interactions, gender, and age effects of topical dapsone 5% and 7.5% gel formulations.  In 20 human studies and 7 case reports, 39 of 6,384 total patients (<1%) experienced adverse effects that were considered more than mild or resulted in discontinuation of topical dapsone. The literature supports topical dapsone 5% and 7.5% gels as safe and effective medications for the treatment of dermatologic disease.


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