Identifying a Case of an Atenolol-induced Papulosquamous Eruption

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Daniel Fischer
Joseph Gofman
Graham Litchman
Sourab Choudhury


papulosquamous, drug eruption, atenolol, eczematous, psoriasiform, beta blocker


While beta-adrenergic blocking agents (beta blockers) are generally safe, their incidence of medication-induced cutaneous eruptions remain under-recognized in the primary care setting. The adverse dermatologic effects of these medications may arise in the days to years following drug initiation, contributing to its delayed diagnosis and management. Here we report a case of a papulosquamous drug eruption in an older adult due to atenolol. We also discuss pertinent morphologic findings, diagnostic methods, management, and how to distinguish this type of eruption from other papulosquamous disorders.


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