Striae Cream with Regenetrol Complex(TM) Demonstrates Efficacy on Stretch Marks: A Double-Blind Controlled Study

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Stephanie Moy
Lawrence S Moy
Timothy Lesser


Striae, regenetrol, stretch marks


This article reviews the efficacy of the first product that is specifically devoted to treating stretch marks. Stretch marks previously have been considered an untreatable cosmetic problem. Striae Cream with the Regenetrol ComplexTM was studied in a double-blind controlled format in which the cream applied to one side of the body was compared with the control cream applied to the other side of the body after two months. The results demonstrate that 80% of the patients tested benefited from using the cream and 35% had marked clearing. Results could be seen within 4 weeks. The cream was successful for treating the ridging, redness, and whiteness associated with the stretch marks. Additionally, older and thicker stretchmarks demonstrated improvement with Regenetrol ComplexTM application.


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