Dupilumab-Induced Psoriasiform Dermatitis

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Karlee Novice
Jesse Veenstra
Dana Siegel
Holly Kerr


Biologics, Dupilumab, Drug Reaction


Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common inflammatory skin condition. The newly FDA approved biologic dupilumab has demonstrated significant improvement in the signs and symptoms of AD, including pruritus as well as those of anxiety and depression1. The most frequently reported adverse effects of dupilumab include injection site reactions, nasopharyngitis, upper respiratory infections, and conjunctivitis 1-5. We report a case of dupilumab-induced psoriasiform dermatitis.  To our knowledge, there have been no reports to date of a dupilumab-induced psoriasiform dermatitis. There has been one report of an erythrodermic presentation of psoriasis in a patient treated with dupilumab8. As novel immunotherapy treatments are developed and employed in the treatment of common conditions such as AD, it is important to better understand and be aware of the potential side effects and immune-based sequelae that may arise in addition to available treatment options for these adverse reaction.


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