Merkel Cell Carcinoma Presenting as an Indurated Plaque

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Margaret Coleman Maxi
Joel Byrne
Ardenne Martin
Pamela Martin


cellulitic presentation, cellulitis, Merkel cell carcinoma


Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) is a rare and aggressive neuroendocrine carcinoma that most commonly occurs in elderly Caucasian males who have a history of extensive sun exposure. Most cases of Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) present in the outpatient setting and include a single, asymptomatic, red or pink lesion on sun exposed areas with a diameter less than 2 cm. There was a threefold increase in the incidence of MCC from 1986 to 2001, and the incidence of MCC is predicted to continue to increase secondary to the aging “baby boomer” population.To our knowledge, there are only two case reports that describe MCC resembling and receiving the diagnosis of cellulitis at initial presentation. We report an unusual case of MCC presenting as suspected cellulitis of the chest wall in an elderly Caucasian male.  


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