The Impact of Psoriasis on the Quality of Life of Patients in San Antonio, TX

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Anisha Guda
Catherine Kowalewski
Sandra Osswald
Richard Usatine



Background: Psoriasis impacts 2% of the world’s population. The disease affects the quality of life of patients by causing pain and depression. Little information is available regarding the impact of psoriasis on San Antonio patients.

Objective: This project obtained information from patients about how they are coping with psoriasis, impact on their quality of life, barriers to care, and support systems they have.

Methods: An IRB approved six question survey was administered to 50 patients who attended the VA, a psoriasis support group, and Haven for Hope homeless clinic.

Results: 40% of patients who completed the survey had been living with psoriasis for less than 5 years. 75% of patients in this group claimed they were severely depressed. The disease impacted them most psychologically and their greatest barrier to care was access to medications that “cured” their psoriasis. 60% of the patients were living with psoriasis for more than 5 years, and 81% claimed they were not depressed at all. Psoriasis impacted them most financially and their greatest barrier was the cost of care.

Conclusion: Acutely, psoriasis patients are impacted psychologically and are frustrated with their disease. Over time, they learn to live with their condition and are impacted by the economic aspects of care.


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