A Survey Based Study on Maintenance of Certification Programs during Grand Rounds at UT Southwestern Medical Center

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Anisha Guda
Travis Vandergriff
Melissa Mauskar



Background: Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is a recertification program required by the American Board of Dermatology (ABD). The program was created because continuing medical education (CME) was viewed as inadequate in keeping physicians’ knowledge up to date. In July 2016, UTSW incorporated MOC content into Grand Rounds.

Objective: To identify whether dermatologists at UTSW find MOC Grand Rounds to be useful and whether this process could be utilized in other institutions.

Methods: A five question survey was piloted by a few dermatologists at UTSW. The survey was emailed to dermatologists who attended the MOC Grand Rounds. Three questions were scored on a scale of 1-6 (1= strongly disagree, 2=moderately disagree, 3= neutral, 4= mildly agree, 5= moderately agree, 6=strongly agree) with 2 free response questions.

Results: 13/20 dermatologists responded to the survey (65% response rate). 11/13 dermatologists (84.6%) reported that MOC at Grand Rounds is valuable to them. 11/13 dermatologists (84.6%) reported that other dermatology programs should incorporate this method of obtaining MOC credit. 9/13 dermatologists (69.2%) reported audience response sessions improve the Grand Rounds experience.

Conclusion: Dermatologists found the MOC content to be useful when incorporated into Grand Rounds.


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