Considerations for Dermatologic Patient Care during COVID-19

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Clay J Cockerell
Haley D Heibel
Ashleigh Workman


COVID-19, Coronavirus, dermatology, patient care


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to numerous challenges in dermatology.  Here, we discuss our experience of diagnosing multiple metastatic cutaneous cancers during the COVID-19 era and consider how perceived and existing barriers for patients receiving dermatologic care in the pandemic may have led to the progression of cancer.  In Texas, the attorney general issued a statement that dermatologists could not perform “routine” procedures.  Unfortunately, many dermatologists delayed biopsies and surgeries for skin cancer due to misinterpreting the ambiguous nature of the term “routine.”  Dermatologists provide valuable expertise and crucial services to society at all times, including during life-threatening pandemics, and this should be emphasized to the public and governmental agencies.


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