Factors Influencing Patient Satisfaction in Dermatology

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Abigail Cline
Tamar Gomolin
Bijan Safai


patient satisfaction, clinic, education


Background: Patient satisfaction is a proxy for healthcare quality, with physicians evaluated and reimbursed based on patient satisfaction scores. Despite the growing influence of patient satisfaction, factors that impact patient satisfaction in dermatology remain unclear.

Methods: We analyzed 225 responses to an online survey evaluating patient expectations, willingness, and satisfaction regarding dermatology appointments. Patient willingness and satisfaction were measured on a 1-5 Likert scale. 

Results: Respondents were most willing to discuss their condition and to be examined with a dermatoscope. Respondents were least willing to wear a patient gown without underwear and to be photographed. Highly satisfying factors included a written treatment plan, provider medication recommendations, and use of gloves during physical exams. Highly dissatisfying factors included waiting 60 minutes, taking off underwear with a patient gown, and being photographed with a cellphone.

Patient willingness and satisfaction differed significantly by gender and age. Male respondents reported less satisfaction than female respondents if a nurse explained the treatment plan. Older respondents were significantly more willing to change into a patient gown, to be photographed, to be examined with a dermatoscope, and to undergo a biopsy than younger respondents. Older and female respondents preferred written plans, while younger and male respondents preferred verbal plans.  Younger respondents reported higher satisfaction with an email follow-up compared to older respondents, who preferred a phone call.

Conclusion: These findings may represent relatively easy ways to improve patient satisfaction scores. Further insight into factors affecting patient satisfaction may enhance patient experience and engagement, thereby improving clinical outcomes.


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