Published: 2019-07-08

Clinical Management Recommendations

The role of dupilumab in managing allergic contact dermatitis

Andrew Desrosiers, Thy Huynh, Stephen Helms, Robert Brodell

Page 234-238

Original Research

Establishing an evidence-based decision point for clinical use of the 31-gene expression profile test in cutaneous melanoma

Etan Marks, Hillary G. Caruso, Sarah J Kurley, Sidra Ibad, Kristen M Plasseraud, Federico A Monzon, Clay J Cockerell

Page 239-249

Research Letters

Brief Articles

CVID-associated Granulomatous Dermatosis Resembling Sarcoidosis

Jeanette R Zambito, Pooja R Shah, Glynis A Scott, Andrew Evans, Lisa A Beck

Page 253-257

Lepromatous leprosy: an elusive mimicker mistaken for polyarteritis nodosa and disseminated tuberculosis

Danielle Fasciano, Matthew Innes, David Dorn, David Ullman, Vishnu Reddy, Elizabeth Ergen, Peter Pavlidakey

Page 266-270

Compelling Comments

The Father of Modern Cryotherapy

Caroline Crain, Jake Alan Gibbons, Tyler Marion

Page 283