Published: 2019-12-02

Clinical Management Recommendations

Expert Panel Discussion among Psoriasis and Psychodermatology Specialists: How Best to Manage Depressed Psoriasis Patients with Brodalumab

Quinn Thibodeaux, Rick Fried, Gary Goldenberg, George Han, Sylvia Hsu, Leon Kircik, Melissa Knuckles, Mark Lebwohl, Graham Litchman, Andrea Murina, Ryan Rivera-Oyola, Jeffrey Weinberg, Jashin J Wu, John Koo

Page 368-373

In-Depth Reviews

Impact of Depression on Health-Related Quality of Life among Skin Cancer Survivors

Kaustuv Bhattacharya, Namita Joshi, Ruchit Shah, Vinayak K. Nahar

Page 381-394

Resident Competition Research Articles

Improvement with Fractional Ablative Laser and Topical Poly-L-Lactic Acid in an RDEB Patient

Samantha L Schneider, Marla Jahnke, Kristin M Leiferman, Marsha Chaffins, Andrew C Krakowski, David Ozog

Page 395-398

Erythema Multiforme Major caused by topical Imiquimod

Alexandra Edelman, Mark Jackson, Alfred Knable

Page 402-404

Research Letters

Adolescent Sun Protection Behaviors and Beliefs

Roya S. Nazarian, Michael Pan, Sarah Utz, Lauren Geller

Page 410-417

Brief Articles

Pemphigus Vulgaris Following Influenza: A Case Report

Kristen Bice, Channing Hood, Rawaa Almukhtar, Michelle Gerdes, Pamela Martin, Brian Lee

Page 418-422

A Case of Widespread Cutaneous Metastases from Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

Caroline Brooke Crain, Adam Nguyen, Janice Wilson, Michael Wilkerson

Page 423-426

Drug Induced Autoimmunity Related Neutrophilic Dermatosis by Calcium Channel Blockers

Maulik Manharlal Dhandha, Markiza Cooper, M Yadira Hurley, Sofia B Chaudhry

Page 431-434

Black Dot Tinea Capitis: Magnified

Sonali Nanda, Mariya Miteva, Anna Nichols

Page 435-437

Herbicide Induced Sclerodermoid Reaction Mimicking a Photodistributed Pattern

Kiley K Fagan, Blake R Zelickson, Robert B Skinner Jr, Kristopher R Fisher

Page 452-454

Short Communications

Schwannoma of the Scalp Mimicking a Pilar Cyst

Peter Hashim, Stephanie Liu, Garrett T Desman, Cerrene N Giordano

Page 459-460