Published: 2020-01-28

Clinical Management Recommendations

In-Depth Reviews

Characterizing the Skin and Gut Microbiome of Alopecia Areata Patients

Margit Juhasz, Siwei Chen, Arash Khosrovi-Eghbal, Chloe Ekelem, Yessica Landaverde, Pierre Baldi, Natasha Atanaskova Mesinkovska

Page 23-30

Research Letters

Resident Competition Research Articles

The Perception of Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia in Cancer Patients Currently Undergoing Treatment

Margit Juhasz, Jamie Fortman, Jessica Lin, Yessica Landaverde, Joshua Levy, Christine Pham, Nicole Myers, Chloe Ekelem, Ritesh Parajuli, Lari Wenzel, Natasha Atanaskova Mesinkovska

Page 34-56

Brief Articles

Lichen Planopilaris Associated with Spray-on Sunscreen

Timothy Jay Orlowski, Hoyt Harris Reynolds, Boni Elizabeth Elewski

Page 62-63

A Rare Case of Dermatitis Herpetiformis Presenting as Fingertip Petechiae

Amy Weiss, Shiri Nawrocki, Ana Cristina Laureano, Sharon Scherl, Kenneth Shulman, Eun Ji Kwon

Page 68-71

Dupilumab-Induced Psoriasiform Dermatitis

Karlee Novice, Jesse Veenstra, Dana Siegel, Holly Kerr

Page 72-75

Subcutaneous Panniculitis-Like T-Cell Lymphoma: A Case Report

David Dayi Xiong, Brandon Tyler Beal, Manisha Manmohan, Maria Georgina Uberti, Kathryn Riley, Anthony Fernandez

Page 79-81

Dural-Based Metastatic Malignant Melanoma Masquerading as Meningiomata: A Diagnostic Challenge

Mina Zarei, MAHTAB Forouzandeh, Jennifer Ledon, George W Elgart, Jeong Hee Cho-Vega

Page 82-84

Short Communications

Asymmetric Prurigo Nodularis after Paralysis: A Case Report

Justin Chu, Jordan Genece, Yasmin Amir, Mark Lebwohl

Page 94-96

Secukinumab and Latex Allergies: Don't trust your EMR

Yuhan David Gu, Hoyt Harris Reynolds, Rebecca Kissel, Boni E Elewski

Page 97-99

Compelling Comments

Wes Anderson's "Exceedingly Lovely" Face

Erin K. Bartholomew, Mackenzi R. McHugh, Megan C. O'Connor

Page 100

Atopic Dermatitis

Study of Adult Atopic Dermatitis and Comorbidities in the US Department of Defense Healthcare System

JI Silverberg, L Beck, M Boguniewicz, T Lin, AM Evans, DS Patel, T Rush, AR Swensen

Page S13

Skin Cancer

Acne & Rosacea

Once-Daily Oral Sarecycline 1.5 mg/kg/day is Effective for Moderate to Severe Acne Vulgaris: Results from Two 12-Week, Phase 3, Randomized, Double-blind Clinical Trials

A Moore, L Green, S Bruce, N Sadick, E Tschen, P Werschler, S Dhawan, D Forsha, M Gold, S Guenthner, S Kempers, L Kircik, J Parish, M Rendon, P Rich, L Stein-Gold, S Tyring, R Weiss, A Nasir, C Schmitz, T Boodhoo, A Kaoukhov, D Berk, F Cook-Bolden, Ayman Grada

Page S14

Poster Presentations at 2020 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference®: Psoriasis

Long-Term Safety of Certolizumab Pegol in Plaque Psoriasis: Pooled Analysis over 3 Years from Three Phase 3, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Studies

A Blauvelt, C Paul, P van de Kerkhof, RB Warren, AB Gottlieb, RG Langley, F Brock, C Arendt, M Boehnlein, M Lebwohl, K Reich

Page S5

Nail Unit Disorders


One-Year Pharmacovigilance Update of Brodalumab

M Lebwohl, C Leonardi, JJ Wu, P Yamauchi, N Rawnsley, M Merchant, A Jacobson

Page S24


Bullous Disease